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Anonymous asked: I don't know if this is a good question or who to ask about this, but what's Original Sins? -clueless anon is clueless- I'm so confused. I haven't read much Marvel outside of Young Avengers (both the original run, CC, and the more recent stuff) and the New Ms. Marvel, so I don't even know where to begin or what to expect. xD

Hey there, anon! All questions are good questions!

Here’s the skinny. Every once in a while (read: all the time, because they’re cash cows), Marvel likes to do events that span a whole bunch of books and throw interesting new combinations of characters together. Ideally, the event will be something fun and earth-shattering, with implications beyond the individual miniseries. Civil War was an event, so was House of M. Original Sin is going to be another one - the prelude issue, Original Sin 0, just dropped today. 

'Original Sin' is going to be an eight-issue miniseries that involves a bunch of Marvel big-name characters. The part where it becomes interesting to Young Avengers fans is going to be the followup five-part miniseries 'Original Sins,' which will have a framing story involving the Young Avengers (or apparently just three of them? idk anymore.)

Marvel’s webpage on the whole thing

I’m not generally much of an event person, but I’ll be picking this one up, just to see how it goes. 

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Grr, argh, yay - Spousal Unit did the comics run at lunch, which, he’s awesome. But it’ll be five hours or so now before I can get my hands on Ms Marvel, and on Jim Cheung drawing my BABIES again.

Tick… Tick… Tick…

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I am begging everyone, please, please, PLEASE tag your Game of Thrones posts, especially anything and everything to do with incest and/or rape. I have every version of everything I can think of blacklisted to hell and back, and I have still been seeing explicit posts.

That means I’ve been experiencing troubling perseverating thoughts about characters I know nothing else about, from a show and book series that I have actively avoided engaging with.

Some of my closest friends on here are Game of Thrones fans, and that’s cool. But for the sake of my health, if I can’t block things, I’m going to have to start unfollowing.

Please. Tag.