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Captain Marvel Hoodie Project

Captain Marvel hoodie project!

Because who doesn’t want to look this awesome?

I’ve seen Iron Man and Cap hoodies out there, and some gorgeous fan-made Captain Marvel hoodies, but nothing that I could buy for myself. So now that I’ve started reading the book, I’ve decided to take a crack at designing and making my own Captain Carol jacket, for general wear around town. I figure the most fun to be had will be by blogging it as I go, so either folks can use my directions, or avoid my horrible failures. Or both.

I’m starting from a commercial hoodie pattern, mostly because I don’t feel like re-inventing the wheel on the basic draft. I like Jalie’s #2795, “Zip-Front Jacket and Hoodie.”  I’m not affiliated with them in any way – I just really like their sportswear patterns. They’re intended for folks with some sewing knowledge already so the directions can be a bit oblique in places, but I’ll do my best to walk through them step by step.

#2795 has the right seam lines for Captain Marvel’s uniform top, and comes in both a hooded variation and one with a small standing collar. I’m going to use View A, with the standing collar. I’m also going to keep the pockets, run the zipper all the way up, as per the pattern, and only add piping around the upper edge. This is an ‘inspired-by,’ rather than a cosplay, so I’m not going to get too hung up on copying the details exactly.

As per the pattern suggestions, I’m using heavy-weight one-sided sweatshirt fleece for the blue and red sections, and yellow lycra as an appliqué later on in the process. You need something with a 25% stretch, and the brushed fleece will work beautifully.  I’m using a yellow separating zipper. I managed to get some bolt-ends on 75% off at my local fabric emporium, which inspired me to… buy a whole lot more fabric than I actually need. Of course. The pattern calls for 2 1/8 yards of fabric for the jacket; I’ve got 4.5 of the blue and 3 of the red. I’m not complaining.

I’ll note my changes to the Jalie instructions as I go. 

My base pattern’s here! Let’s do this shit. 

The first post: Pattern photoset

Come and play with me! Equipment list for pattern modifications

Stage one: pattern cutting

Stage two: making the mockup, pt. one (princess seams)

Making the mockup: pt two (design lines)

Stage three: taking it apart

Stage four: transferring the pattern corrections

Stage five: cutting the good fabric

Stage six: preparing the fabric pieces (inside/outside corner)

Stage seven: serging the pieces and putting together the sleeves

Stage eight: pockets and side panels

Stage nine: preparing the yellow appliques

Stage ten: attaching the yellow appliques

Stage eleven: constructing the body

Stage twelve: the zipper

Stage thirteen: the collar

Project Post-Mortem (notes and thoughts)

And that’s all she wrote!

Check this shit out, yo: