I Step Out of the Ordinary

I can feel my soul ascending

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I’m at that point where there is no novelty left in this situation. I am sore, I am half-immobile because of the effort required to do anything and the rush of terror at the idea of  doing anything to do with stairs unassisted. I have a dozen things to do, 90% of which would require more carrying and walking than I’m capable of for at least another week, even taking a bath (showers not allowed) requires a good half hour of planning and careful execution. 

I was fine yesterday, if a little cranky, and woke up today more depressed and apathetic and on the verge of tears than I’ve been in a very, very long time. All I want to do is crawl back into bed and eat chips until I die.

Not giving in, obviously, and maybe putting it out there will be a start to digging myself out. Situational depression is a pretty standard part of longer-term injury recovery, but googling for stats and knowing them intellectually isn’t helping right now. 

This sucks. And I can’t even get up the energy for a good, satisfying rant about how badly it sucks, that’s how suck-filled this is. 

This sucks so badly that I actually want my mom, and she’s even more of an emotionally constipated, dispassionate, Vulcan-like black hole of negative energy than I am, so you know this isn’t going anywhere good. 

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  1. nuclidic said: I’m sorry. Sending good thoughts your way! *offers hugs*
  2. khirsahle said: :( I am so, so sorry. I am sending good thoughts your way. Let me know if there is anything I can do to cheer or distract you.
  3. ferreisfoul said: aw, I’m sorry. sending hugs and good thoughts your way! xx
  4. maelikki said: Can I do something for you to make you feel better? D: *sends you hugs and a lot of good energy*
  5. arcanelibrarian said: *offers hugs and chips and little >_< feel-better-have-my-healing-energy face* …you can tell this is fandom because my first thought was “I should write her something.”
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