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Writing Workshop! Chat Open Now.

Working on a Big Bang, stuck on a WIP, chipping away at writers’ block, or just want to hang out and cheerlead? Come join a casual writers’ workshop in IRC! The goal is to provide a supportive and encouraging atmosphere for discussion of writing technique, our current works, and making connections with other fandom creators.

(This is for everyone, not just for Young Avengers/Marvel writers, but do be prepared for comic book/video game discussion inside!)

We’re formally running tonight from 7:30 – 10:30 pm Eastern, but the channel is always open.

Note bene: I’ll be in and out tonight, but anyone is welcome to start topics and/or word wars, etc.

For those who know IRC:

Network: Synirc.net


Channel: #bishop_publishing

Getting started (more comprehensive setup instructions):


Grab an IRC client or connect through the web:


Open it up and fill in the preferences with a server from this list:

https://www.synirc.net/servers (no passwords required)

And a nickname for yourself.


You’ll see a screen full of text, which will end with something like this:

* End of /MOTD command.

* [nickname] sets mode +i [nickname]

* [nickname] sets mode +x [nickname]

And a cursor. The first thing you should generally do is register your nickname, so that no-one else can poach it. This isn’t a necessity, but it’s a safety precaution.

Enter the following command:

/msg nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL

You must replace PASSWORD with a password of your choice and EMAIL with a VALID email address.

SynIRC will send you an email with a confirmation code that you then paste back into the window to confirm your registration. My code arrived in about a second, so there’s no real delay.

Then enter the channel by typing:

/join #bishop_publishing

And say hi!

A FAQ and a list of useful IRC commands can be found here:


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